Gore v1.56.9 - v1.56.11


  • Support for team_damage_adj setting for both weapon fire modes and projectile god file definitions; team_damage_adj is a multiplier that is applied to the damage if the victim is not on team 0 and is on the same team as the shooter.

  • Modified gorerules so that friendly fire code is in single location and useable by all game modes

  • Support for zoom_speed setting for weapon god file definitions; zoom_speed is a multiplier that is applied to the stock zoom speeds of 360 deg/sec for FREE and 100 deg/sec for FIXED.

  • Fixed server-side abort reload animation bug.

  • Update to halt reload animation when switching weapons.

  • Fixed screenshot file overwrite bug.

  • Fixed Gamespy certification back-end server reporting bug.

  • Fixed weapon reload bug that caused reload animation to play a second time when holding the reload button.

  • Added pointer checks to address exit.log crash.

  • Fixed GoreUpdate download progress bar bug.

  • Added support for new update server.


  • Fixed interface bug on invert mouse and auto weapon pickup.

  • Changed default configuration to use WSAD movement controls, and f5 is quicksave and f9 is quickload.



  • Fixed assassins and Chan to start with gas masks in all tactical modes like other players do.

  • Increased damage and stamina drain on molotov cocktails/secondary flamethrower fire bombs.

  • Added Healing weapon to female players to replace healing grenades. Texture is temporary. Currently it has unlimited ammo for testing purposes. If needed we'll give it an ammo type and ammo count. Primary shoots a healing gas cloud, secondary shoots long ranged needles full of nanoboost.

  • Removed zoom from all weapons except sniper weapon. This might return with new improved settings & functionality in the next build.

  • Increased player crouch movement speed while zoomed on the sniper rifles.



  • Cube: upgraded to high res textures and MOB base doors opened up in tactical mode.

  • Station: upgraded to high res textures.

  • Brooklyn: radio ads fixed & player tags added, upgraded a few textures to HR.

  • Warehouse: Upgraded to high res textures.

  • Mansion: Fixed missing textures.

  • Space: Fixed various issues.

  • Cygnus: Removed bars from Cygnus in tactical mode.



  • New explosion effect.

  • New impact metal effect.

  • New glass bullet hole effect.



  • Female players now spawn with a meat saw, and the meat saw spawns have been turned into health pickups in the levels where it was available.

  • Fixed start inventory so Scouts spawn with gas masks in tactical modes like other classes.



  • Minigun secondary was changed to have a wider spread pattern to use less ammo than the previous version, and do a little less damage than primary mode. (Damage wise it's about the same, but it's shooting double the amount of bullets out.)