Gore v1.56.12


  • Gore is prevented from running a second instance of Gore when another instance is currently updating.

  • Gore Update can now delete files that are no longer needed.

  • Added support for displaying team stats in target ID.

  • Added targetid, targetid_stats, and compass commands for enabling/disabling HUD elements.



  • Re-added a short range fov zoom to most shootable weapons. It slows player movement 60% and tightens accuracty 25%.

  • Increased radius on healing gas to allow healers to self heal faster.

  • Increased effectiveness of secondary healing needles.

  • Increased start ammo in tactical modes.

  • G4 Hologram decoys. Assassins and UMC Scouts now spawn with G4 Hologram decoys. This new weapon creates a fake holographic image of the user, which can be used as a decoy to trick opponents into firing at them for setting up ambushes or confusing opponents to make an escape.

  • Fixed some inconsistencies between Heavy classes.



  • Portable stereo object in Brooklyn is now textured. Added some new high res tech textures.

  • Fixed light helmet on umc female player armor so it fits her head better.

  • Finished unwrapping healer weapon and updated temp skin.



  • UMC Anthem: Added new high resolution texture and fixed some misalignment issues.

  • Illegal Tender : Replaced all low res textures and added some detail and tags. Opened up all doors in tactical.



  • Loading of config files from the menu should work now.

  • Removed non working\redudant "close" button from console.

  • Added missing Sacreate Gorge map icon and description.

  • Scroll arrows better match the interface color.

  • Server browser IP address field is now large enough to contain long addresses.

  • Screen resolution list now fits within scroll window.

  • Many small interface errors fixed.

  • Compass on screen display now. Future builds will have icon support for mission objective locations like a radar.



  • Updated html documentation, fixed some broken links, and other various corrections.