Gore v1.56.8


  • Added Gamespy certification requirements.

  • Updated ctf and dmrules_process.cfg to contain new maps in the level load list.

  • Fixed ambient sound bug.


  • Anthem: Updated graphics. New textures, new modeled steps, blood and dirt stains, lighting changes. Added pulsing light effects for new steps.

  • Brooklyn Brawl: Added collision by beer sign so players cannot reach out of legal play areas. Fixed jump pads so the player lands on the roof of the new building properly, and don't get ejected out of the level. Added electricity damage volume to top of high voltage air conditioner that players rarely landed on when using jump pads.

  • Illegal Tender: Started high resolution texture conversion. Added tactical spawns.

  • Steps of Cygnus: Fixed visual hole in one wall.

  • Krijak Inc. : Fixed all reported visual and collision issues.


  • Redid impact drywall effect.

  • Updated fogflare effect.


  • Modified UMC Shotgun to fire faster but reduced damage.

  • Modified UMC Shotgun so the button must be pressed repeatedly. It now behaves like a real auto shotgun.

Player Balance:

  • Female player classes were given better chance to hit with shotgun. This plus the general change to the light shotgun give them a better chance of survival against other classes which all spawn with letal weapons. Also boosted their spawn energy ammo so they can deflect damage longer.


  • Changed gas mask to provide 100% player protection from gas.


  • Added new footstep concrete and footstep metal sounds.