Gore 1.60.9 Changelist
(Public Installer Version)


  • Fixed the loading screens for single player mode.
  • Fixed a bug which made the "Scenario" option in the in-game server creator not selectable.
  • Startup screen now displays Gore's ESRB rating, and content warning.
  • Startup screen now simplified to one screen of info.
  • Added two new visual descriptions of Premium key features to the loading screen.
  • Added two new face icons to game font.
  • Sound setup menu now plays a random sound effect when you change the volume, to better gauge your choice.
  • Sound setup menu bug fixed which prevented people from clicking to reach 100%.
  • Gore's initial default setting for bandwidth is now at a higher setting instead of 56k.
  • Gore's initial default setting for volume is now 100% instead of 50%.
  • Replaced Vertigo thumbnail with one which matches the new look of the map.
  • Added F1 help window for Assault mode.

  • Shafted is removed from the game due to technical and gameplay issues.*
  • Extended the death volume in Vertigo so players will not pass it and fall for much longer.
  • Fixed two invisible brushes in Vertigo which caused players to occasionally catch on them.
  • Fixed a few ladders in Ascension which were sometimes hard to climb if you weren't aligned perfectly.
  • Removed old, unneeded nuke warehead from old bombing missions from a few levels.
  • Fixed an invisible collision in MOB base in Gothic.
  • Removed some 2D iron gates from Compound which mistakingly appeared in Assault.
  • Fixed an area in Compound near the Silos where players became stuck on the fence.
  • Returned the rocket launcher in Plant to it's old position, floating in air above the jump pad.
  • Fixed some texturing errors in Illegal.
  • Fixed a typo in the title of "Steps of Cygnus" which appeared in the main menu.
  • Made the pickups for CTF in Cygnus a bit more even between bases.
  • Removed the wall\gate in front of UMC base in Illegal which appeared in CTF mode.
  • Fixed the teleporters in Anthem so the glow effect once again appears.
  • Fixed a bug in Gothic which made it appear in the game as a CTF map.
  • Did some texturing and lighting work to Compound.
  • Some level titles are now shortened in the menu, matching the filename title everyone calls them anyway.
  • Did some texturing work and completely relit Metal Muse.
  • Fixed a texturing error in Warehouse.
  • Fixed collisions on metal doors which appear in some modes in Warehouse so shots will not pass through them.

  • Fixed computer controlled UMC mediums in Singleplayer from not changing to melee after their guns ran out of ammo.
  • Chicks spawn with healers again in Deathmatch\CTF again.
  • Shaun uses the UMC Sniper Rifle again.
  • UMC sniper rifle primary fire is slightly less accurate when used by non sniper classes..
  • Taunts are now titled as numbers so the commands are simply "taunt #" instead of "taunt Taunt#".**
  • Meatsaw is much more accurate when attempting to cut objects in motion.
  • Healing gas will no longer heal Ore Cells in tactical.
  • Workaround for a glitch which made heavies take less head shot damage than other players despite being set to be equal.
  • Flamethrower primary can now set fire to surfaces, but in smaller size than secondary.

  • Completely replaced the sky in Vertigo and Ascension.
  • Did some texturing and lighting work to Vertigo and Industrial.
  • Did some graphics work to Illegal Tender.
  • Fixed a texture error in Warehouse SP mission.
  • Retextured the exterior of MOB base in Tucson with a higher resolution texture.
  • Fixed some texturing errors in Tucson.
  • Adjusted the spot fire effects.
  • Did some texturing work to Plant.

  • Replaced a few ambient sounds.
  • Did some sound work to Illegal Tender.
  • Added some more taunt sounds to the players.
  • Adjusted volume on some taunts.

  • URL protocol for connecting to gore servers via web browser gorese:// links is implemented automatically during installation. ***

*Server admins will need to remove shafted from their map rotations.

**Players who previously had taunts bound to keys will need to redo those binds.

***Players who already have Gore installed via the beta installer would need to manually install the mod. The mod and readme file is located in the Gore\tools\ folder.