The Romancing of Eyja is a modification for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This mod was designed to bring romance to Oblivion while preserving integrity without crossing the line into adult rated content. With an emphasis on turning the dull maid Eyja, the servant of Rosethorn hall into a more attractive and life like maid the user could romance and interact with, I set out to add many new features to the game via scripting and creation of new content. Utmost care was taken to preserve the illusion that this mod could have been done in house at Bethesda. (aside from a few personal touches) Careful attention was taken to preserve lore and expand on what we know of the original character of Eyja.

Main Features:

•Quest to date her and eventually win her heart.
•Fully functional wardrobe. Eyja changes clothing based on what she is doing. Also the user can make her wear what they want by placing items in the appropriate day's drawers.
•Tons of packages. You never know what Eyja might be doing. Typically she goes for a swim, then sweeps the floors, prepares dinner, reads a bit, then goes to bed, but on weekends she likes to go out for a drink, and will star gaze out on the balcony.
•Eyja is younger and more attractive.
•Voice acting all reconstructed from original sounds to make new voice overs sound authentic.
•Three New maid outfits.
•Fancy sequins dress for the big date and custom hair.
•New swimming pool Eyja swims in each day. (wears swim suit an has special wet hair model for that package).
•Variety of clothing she wears to match her activity.
•Custom music for the dates.
•Custom animations.
•ReUse of unique animations.
•Basic disposition system.
•Post date Quest companion functionality includes follow, stay or go home commands, she lights torches in the dark, sneaks when the PC sneaks, repairs her armor and weapons & more!



Release information, Download links, and support forum Here: http://forum.4drulers.com/showthread.php?t=11492

Walk Through: (spoilers, so only read this if you are stuck)

Getting Started.

The mod can be played once you purchase the mansion in Skingrad known as Rosethorn Hall and ALL of it's upgrades. It can be purchased from Shum Gro-Yarug, the male Orc Butler. The upgrades can be bought from Gunder, the owner of Colovian traders. Once you get all the goods, you then must get near Eyja and she will approach you about being your maid. Typically she is in the streets in between the mages guild and Colovian Traders in Skingrad. Note that to create this mod, I made a new Eyja, and I put the old one Bethesda made to bed at Colovian traders sleeping. Sometimes the new Eyja will roam up there to talk to her, so go upstairs and look around. Certain days Eyja goes to the Three Sisters Lodge which is the only pub in Skingrad.

More to come...

Want more Eyja?

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