April 25, 2007


Joel Huenink
President, Creative Director
4D Rulers Software, Inc.
Phone: 402.239.2493



-- Web Site Launch Includes New Licensable Software and Art Libraries --


BEATRICE, Neb. — 4D Rulers announces today it's new AMP II engine and developer resources site. Not only does the site have a brand new look, but new products are being offered as well.


"Nothing is sweeter than automatic updates of your software" says Joel Huenink, president of 4D Rulers. "It allows you to have post launch control and delivery of new content to your customers after your game or product has shipped. On the flip side, nothing is worse than your game selling on E-Bay, five years after you've developed it, and you still get repeated bug reports about something fixed right after its initial release. Many of these customers refuse to look for a patch, yet have no problem screaming at support staff on the phone or sending long, time consuming emails."

With the new 4D Automated Update comes the ability for patches to be installed automatically, allowing users to always be running the latest version of the software. The aim of 4D Automated Update is to: reduce customer support costs, keep clients and products both updated and bug free. This also keeps end users from being inconvenienced by the task of searching for a patch on a developer web site, or waiting in line on public download sites. Players manually searching for updates, or having the responsibility left to them to check for updates, is often a stumbling block which can result in players uninstalling or returning a game (in extreme circumstances) due to the killer bugs keeping them from enjoying the game. Such problems cost the developer and publisher money and upsets retailers.

The 4D Automated Update system allows developers to make major changes to a product, knowing that every last customer will be up to date. This takes the pressure off publishers because less games are returned due to unforeseen bugs; moreover, by customers too impatient to find or download a patch, who would rather return the game. This also allows a developer to immediately issue a fix for a fatal bug found just after release, rather than withholding the fix from the public until they fix other problems which are being reported, just so they can all be included in a single version patch. Developers will be able to release bug fixes immediately as they are finished. This alieviates the worry about patch programs and how many times they issue updates.

4D Automated Update has been priced competitively at $799.00 per title license. It contains a self-updating capability, allowing it to download updates for itself, should the update technology need new functionality down the road. 4D Automated Update is currently scheduled for release by June 15th, however pre-orders are now being offered for a reduced price of $499.00, allowing developers to save over 30% off licenses purchased prior to official release.


Along with the launch of the new developer site, 4D Rulers currently offers two art libraries. The art libraries contain fully normal mapped and textured models at very affordable pricing. At the time of the launch of the 4D Rulers developer site, two art libraries are currently available. The first product is the appliances and electronics model pack, followed by a seating pack which includes a wide variety of seating furniture. Many more art libraries are planned for the near future, so any developers not seeing something they want should check back soon as more are added. Models in the art libraries include: high polygon and low polygon game models, normal maps, specular maps height maps and diffuse textures.The models come in 3DS Max version 8 format; however, library models in other formats will be made available upon request.


Final comments on today's announcement included one from Joel Huenink which was directed at indie developers and other fledgling game companies.

"I know how hard it is to get publishing deals, build new technology, and survive in the game industry. 4D Rulers wants to see other developers succeed, so we're creating value for them with: affordable game engines, 3D game ready models, textures, free resources and best of all, advice. With each engine license, I will personally help you get your product published by giving you feedback about your project. Additionally, I will give you publisher submission tips and critique your project each quarter. A lot of people just need some help getting started and pointed in the right direction, and I'm here to do just that."

"So when you get your game or publisher submission to alpha or beta, I'll play through it and give you my teams feedback and review of your project so you can make improvements. It's the razors edge that gets you signed. You could be neck and neck with another developer on pitching a project to a publisher, but I guarantee you the developer who's more organized and professional looking will get the deal. There are a lot of talented developers out there who might be able to make a sweet demo, but the fact is most of them lack the experience and organizational skills to actually finish a project or make an accurate projection on when the game will be completed and for what budget. I will share with you how to create precise design documents, how to offer favorable sales pitches, plus other insider info that will help seal the deal with publishers. I can help you get signed."

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