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Gore is now available as a free download!

You may purchase a premium key to unlock special bonus features, but the base game is 100% free with no limitations. To read more about it, click here.

To help pay for bandwidth & servers we host, and give us incentive to support thousands of users, and hopefully create sequels, we kindly ask you to fill out an offer from a third party company. The company then pays us a little bit for your time in filling out the offer. You will either have to fill out a survey/offer or enter your email address or other information, but there is no cost to complete this action, and you should not have to pay for anything to unlock the Gore files for download. Note that 4D Rulers is not responsible for any losses involved with filling out the survey.

I agree to support 4D Rulers by filling out a survey or offer to Download Gore SE now!

Order a premium key and get a link to Gore SE without filling out an offer